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Images and information that compliment our teaching sessions can be found on the E2BN gallery. They are free to download. Click here to view.

Waulud’s Bank, Bones ‘n’ Stones Mini Museum

Get hands on with real prehistoric objects. The Bones ‘n’ Stones Mini Museum showcases Luton’s very own Prehistoric site, Waulud’s Bank, which is a nationally important ancient monument.

The mini museum consists of two wheeled flight cases packed with real objects from archaeological digs at Waulud’s Bank along side a number of replica objects and information booklets.

Venue: In School (loanable resource)

Duration: can be loaned for up to two weeks per school.

Supporting Images

Theodor Kern Art Loan

We are launching new resources for 2 week loans - some beautiful portraiture by Austrian artist Theodor Kern. Kern migrated to England just before the outbreak of WWII and taught at the Luton School of Art. 

This loan resource will include a selection of 6 historical paintings from the collection and a new commission painted by practicing Lutonian Artist, Sophie Gresswell for use in school to complement either working with the virtual tour or post visit to the museum. We can also provide a lesson plan to help guide the use of these artworks.

Venue: In School (loanable resource)

Duration: can be loaned for up to two weeks per school.


Creative Careers & Skills

Have your GCSE students ever shown interest in Creative Careers? Perhaps they don't know the range of jobs and opportunities that are available in the Culture sector? We have created a set of digital resources including lesson plans for tutor time slots to enable your students to get stuck in to a creative project; and learn about the Culture sector at the same time.

What's included?

  • A digital resource pack with lesson plans and resources for 6 x 45 minute sessions.

The resources will help to demonstrate all the different job roles and possible careers in the Culture Trust that go in to making a new Exhibition. This resource uses the example of our most recent exhibition: “Hats Made Me”, which was previously on show at Stockwood Discovery Centre, to show both the process and which teams collaborate internally to deliver a large scale project.

Teachers will be provided with all of the resources required to make an exhibition a success. This is a cumulative activity which will result in an exhibition of the students decisions and research.

Venue: In School

To find out more, contact

Talking Heads

The Learning Team at the Culture Trust welcomed three amazing artists to come to our venues and talk to us about what it means to them to be an artist, as well as how they entered into their chosen careers. They very kindly allowed us to film them speaking and the videos are ready to share! The three artists are:

All three artists also gave great advice for aspiring artists. Interested in sharing these videos with your pupils? Click on each of their names above to watch.

Resource Booklets

Interested in local history? Check out the selection of resource booklets below which include secondary source materials and background information.  These booklets are suitable for both teachers and secondary school aged pupils but feel free to adapt and use these for primary school children as well.

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