Key Stage 2

Our Key Stage 2 workshops


Discover prehistoric tools and art, and find out what life was like for the Romans and Anglo-Saxons by exploring our galleries at Stockwood Discovery Centre, and booking one or more of the following workshops and activities:     

Stone Age to Iron Age

Uncover the chronology of prehistory, using real and replica objects and as a key to unlocking the distant past.  Consider what the objects are made from, their possible uses and then place them in a time line.

Venue: Stockwood Discovery Centre

Duration: 75 minutes


Waulud’s Bank, Bones ‘n’ Stones Mini Museum

Get hands on with real prehistoric objects. The Bones ‘n’ Stones Mini Museum showcases Luton’s very own Prehistoric site, Waulud’s Bank, which is a nationally important ancient monument.

The mini museum consists of two wheeled flight cases packed with real objects from archaeological digs at Waulud’s Bank along side a number of replica objects and information booklets.

Venue: In School (loanable resource)

Duration: can be loaned for up to two weeks per school.

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Roman Discoveries

Join the debate about who buried the Roman gold coins at Shillington and why. Think about how archaeological evidence is used to build up a picture of Roman life using real artefacts as a stimulus for group discussion.

Venue: Stockwood Discovery Centre 

Duration: 75 minutes

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Victorians & Hats

The hat industry is an important local history study for Luton and surrounding areas. Wardown House, Museum and Gallery is the perfect location to learn more about hats and Victorians, as it is a beautiful Victorian mansion located near to many past and present hat factories. Choose from the following workshops:

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A Day at Plait School (Coming Soon)

Discover, through first hand accounts and artefacts, more about the plait schools where the straw for hats was processed by children.

Venue: Wardown House, Museum and Gallery

Duration: 75 minutes


Luton’s Hat Industry

Explore the processes and tools used in Luton's many hat factories to create the straw boaters for which the town was famous.

Venue: Wardown House, Museum and Gallery

Duration: 75 minutes


Victorian Inventions (Coming Soon)

Investigate a variety of mystery Victorian objects; find out how they were used and what they tell us about life in Victorian Britain.

Venue: Wardown House, Museum and Gallery

Duration: 75 minutes

World War 2

Your class will step back in time when they meet a character from World War Two. The following workshops are currently being redeveloped and will be available soon, but please do get in touch if you would like to be one of the first to trial them when they are live.

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World War Two: Housewife (coming soon)

Meet our WWII housewife and find out about the realities of everyday life for families on the Home Front. Includes shopping with a ration book activity, and features many original and replica objects that really bring the home-front to life.

Venue: Wardown House, Museum and Gallery

Duration: 75 minutes


World War Two: Evacuee Experience 

What was it like to be evacuated? Meet our billeting officer and explore what life was like for children evacuated to Luton and the surrounding area. Includes listening to real oral history, viewing images of Luton at war and gas mask drill.

Venue: Wardown House, Museum and Gallery

Duration: 75 minutes

Art & Nature

The beautiful gardens at Stockwood Discovery Centre will inspire your class to create wonderful works of art.

Art in the Garden

Discover new painting techniques inspired by artworks in the museums’ art collection. Then create your very own artwork inspired by the shapes and colours that can be found in the garden at Stockwood and Wardown House.

Venue: Stockwood Discovery Centre

Duration: 75 minutes


Take a look at the selection of resources we have available to support the above workshops.

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