Making A Scene

Setting, character, story… What makes a scene?

In this workshop we focus on playwriting/scriptwriting, exploring the key elements that writers use to create great scenes. How can we express our ideas in a play/script?

Through writing activities, we would create our own short scenes in the workshop.

The workshop includes:

  • Fun, interactive writing tasks (encouraging creativity, finding fun ideas for our scenes)
  • Focus on performance (writing characters, dialogue, settings)
  • The chance to share from our scenes, at the end of the workshop

The themes of the workshop are broad, we'll explore "what is a scene?", then we'll look at different elements to make our own scenes, with broad questions: "where is my scene?" (deciding on a setting), "who is in my scene?" (including a character), "what happens in my scene?" (the story).

Our age guidance is based on a 'reading age' of 14+ but the content of the workshop is appropriate for all ages, and is open to younger children with an accompanying adult (free entry for accompanying adult).

Come and develop your writing skills in a nurturing and supportive, fun environment. Who knows, you may want to go on to a career in performance writing!


Running time: 60 minutes

Pay it forward
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This event is part of the Luton Literature Book Festival. Click here to view our the full festival programme at The Hat Factory.
Sat 24 Sept, at the Hat Factory and Luton Central Library

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