The House of Wisdom in the Golden Age of The Arab World

Horrible Histories meets the Arabian Nights in this performing storytelling…

Wardown House, Museum and Gallery 11 Jul 2020 | Multiple times

Strong Women Science

Ever wanted to know how you balance a chair on your chin, if

Stockwood Discovery Centre 11 Aug 2020 | Multiple times

Rumpelstiltskin & The Snail of Destiny

Poor Polly Buckwheat, the Miller’s daughter, is in a bit of a pickle!

Luton Library Theatre 04 Jul 2020 | 11am

Peter Pan & Captain Cook

Our mysterious narrator tells us the tale of Peter Pan and his battle

Stockwood Discovery Centre 27 Jun 2020 | Multiple times

The Curious Garden

Join The MakeShift Ensemble as they bring to life New York Times Award

Stockwood Discovery Centre 04 Aug 2020 | Multiple times

The Princess and the Pea

‘Far from a sleepy show...' Join Bob the Rooster in the Kingdom

Luton Library Theatre 06 Jun 2020 | 2pm

Paper Aeroplane

Take flight with two new friends as they soar through clouds, fly over

Luton Library Theatre 02 May 2020 | 11am

Oldilocks and the Three Bears

Oldilocks finds a teddy bear in the park and remembers a delicious bowl

Stockwood Discovery Centre 28 Jul 2020 | Multiple times

Horrid House Tours

A fun, interactive tour of Wardown House just for kids – strictly no

Wardown House, Museum and Gallery 28 - 29 May 2020 | Multiple times

Don't Worry... Bee Happy

Once upon a time Beatrice Bee only had to fly a few moments

Stockwood Discovery Centre 27 - 28 May 2020 | Multiple times
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