The World & Us At Feb Fest

Embark on an unforgettable journey with “The World and Us”, a captivating storytelling workshop exploring Identity and Diversity, presented by The Drama Geezers.

Dive into a unique story where a young boy resides on a planet of no identity, setting off on a thrilling adventure that introduces him to an array of fascinating people, places, and cultures.

Join us and fully immerse your family in this enchanting story world where we will celebrate the richness of diversity and the extraordinary in each of us.

Running Time: 1 Hour

Family Film Club: Epic Tails

Join the club! Handpicked titles for the whole family to enjoy, screened at

Hat Factory Arts Centre | 10.30am

The Museum of Marvellous Things

Welcome to The Museum of Marvellous Things, where the impossible can happen!…

Hat Factory Arts Centre - | Multiple times

Grooving With Pirates

Come on a swashbuckling adventure with family favourite Groove Baby as it sails

Hat Factory Arts Centre - | Multiple times
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