Who Are You... Really?

Who are you?

But who are you…really?

'Who Are You...Really?'  is an immersive video exhibition featuring video, audio and photographs sourced through interviews with members of the Luton community aged under 25 and over 60 in local schools (primary and secondary), colleges, community groups and public call outs. The film explores how we see our identity and what/who has affected the formation of it.

Featuring a specially composed piece of music, a unique filmed choreographed movement response and a custom-built set. This immersive experience will give you the space to consider your own identity and who you are…really.

Running time: 25 minutes per slot

Produced by Holding Space Collective, funded by Arts Council England.

Creative team:

  • Co-Director/Filmmaker: Thomas Young
  • Co-Director/Interviewer: Lizzy Fretwell
  • Creative Consultant: Rae Leaver
  • Producer: Aimee Gomez 
  • Marketing Manager: Colleen Considine 
  • Dancer/Choreographer: Jason Kandaiah
  • Composer: Jan Baranowski
  • Choreography Consultant: Laura Lloyd
  • Set Designer: Lauren Connolly
  • Lino Print Artist: Abigail Adams
  • Photography: Lee Hamilton-Cooper and Greta Zabulyte
  • Production Manager: Joel Middleton (Remedy Sound Ltd)
  •  Lighting Designer: The Jaan Mix 
  • Sound Engineer: Adrian Sandu
  • Alternate Interviewer: Ebony Ankra
  • Portrait Artwork: Hillborough Infant School
  • Project in partnership with: The Culture Trust, University of Bedfordshire Arts and Culture Projects Team, Luton Cultural Education Partnership and Next Generation Youth Theatre.
  • Interview Partners: Chiltern Academy, Luton Sixth Form College, Patchwork (Stopsley Baptist Church), NGYT Theatre Company/Musical Theatre Company, Luton Council of Faiths, Luton Irish Forum and Wardown House.

 A variety of seating options will be available, if you need a specific type of seat allocated (e.g. back support) please let us know in your booking.

Please note that the performance contains flashing lights and loud noises.

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