The River's Daughter

“A gripping story about a young woman’s struggle from an indigenous river community to protect her village from a real-estate development project that is threatening her land and the entire riparian ecosystem.” 

The story revolves around a spirited young fisherwoman named ‘Marui’, who mobilizes the people of her village to adopt traditional methods of eco-farming to revitalize their land and the river, while resisting eviction by a mega housing project being developed by ambitious businessman ‘Umar’, in partnership with the all-powerful ‘Indispensable Corporation’ and influential landlord ‘Pir Tota Sain’.  

The two lead characters of Umar and Marui have loosely been inspired by a folktale from Sindh, Pakistan, where Umar was a powerful king and Marui a village woman who he fell in love with but who chose her village and community over his wealth and status. In our contemporary story of ‘The River’s Daughter, Marui also represents someone who cares for her land and community; while Umar represents a successful entrepreneur who believes in progress and technology but is increasingly aware of the consequences of its destructive use. 

A project supported by the British Council under the “Gender Ecologies Grant 2022-2023”, won by Arieb Azhar & ALL4ONE Communications (Private)  Limited   Pakistan & Insaan Culture Club UK.

Running time: 90 minutes plus 20 minutes Q&A and wrap party

Please Note: This event is a rehearsed reading of the script of 'The River's Daughter.'

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