The River's Daughter

Rehearsed reading of ‘The River's Daughter’ which is an original theatre play based loosely round the character  of Umar & Marui  from Shah Lateef’s 18th  century classic, that depicts a modern-day story about an indigenous community’s heroic struggle for survival in the face of climate change and forced urbanization.

The story of the play revolves round the struggle of a charismatic young  fisherwomen,  Marui,  trying  to  protect  her  village  from  the  designs of a real-estate development project, while encouraging her people to adopt traditional methods of permaculture; and the dilemma  of  powerful  industrialist  ‘Umar’,  who  is  unable  to  put  a  stop  to  his  plans  even  while  realizing  that  it  is  detrimental  to  the  riparian ecosystem.

A project supported by the British Council under the “Gender Ecologies Grant 2022-2023”, won by Arieb Azhar & ALL4ONE Communications (Private)  Limited   Pakistan & Insaan Culture Club UK.

Running time: 90 minutes plus 20 minutes Q&A and wrap party

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