PERTINACITY 2021 - Masters Art & Design Showcase Exhibition

Come and explore an exciting exhibition of work from the graduating MA Art and Design students at the School of Arts and Creative Industries, University of Bedfordshire, Luton.

The Artists and Designers present an exhibition of work that tackles issues of injustice, sustainability, well-being, political upheaval, occupation, revolt. A glimpse at dystopian worlds that may help reveal utopian realities. 

Using visual narratives in two and three dimensions, the artists have created work that has meaning and purpose, as they try to understand and traverse different cultural landscapes, they use a combination of analogue and digital story-telling  to reveal  and often confront, hidden altered states in our communities and society at large.

Each artist has explored individual narratives and visual journey’s close to their heart, through a time of global upheaval and insecurity where nothing seemed constant, with a persistent determination. Exploring the nuances of contemporary culture, that convey emotion, engagement and story telling that touches us all.

Open Monday - Friday, 11am - 4pm

The Artists

James Pyae Phyo Bo

Pyae Phyo Bo Bo (James) is an artist and designer with a background in Engineering, Architecture and Spatial Design. Born in Myanmar he chose to study for his BA in Luton specializing in modern architecture style, the work in his MA takes inspiration from his Burmese heritage and culture.

With the recent political conflicts of his homeland, James has taken a new path to express his perspective as a newly formed political artist, with the ambition to allow people an insight into the struggles and conflict his family and friends are currently dealing with, his displacement from his home, and loved ones, reflects the diaspora of many currently living and working in and around Luton.

Anoushka Butler

Luton born and raised and currently based. Anoushka is an artist and designer who comes from a textile and painting background. She began her creative studies in 2003 at Barnfield College by completing a Foundation in Art and Design which then led her to obtain an Art and Design Bachelors and Masters degree.

She is an artist who works with a wide variety of mixed media especially paint, pencil, fabrics, and wires but takes great satisfaction in reusing and recycling materials wherever possible. She has connected with various techniques and practices including screen and lino printing, sewing and sculpture to create a multitude of desired effects within her work.

Anoushka has always been passionately creative incorporating it into all areas and aspects of her life as well as teaching and therapy. She has now ventured into creating her own arts and crafts business ‘Noush’s Crafts & Creations’ with the hope of bringing colour and creativity to the world to enrich people’s lives and well-being.

Adrian Kotlarz

Adrian Kotlarz is an Artist and Photographer from Poland now living in Luton. He has a BA in Fine Art, and is a recent graduate from the MA Art and Design course at the new School of Arts and Creative Industries, University of Bedfordshire.

Adrian’s work has been published in The Sunday Times as one of a selected group of recent graduates exhibiting final degree show in a public art during the hight of the pandemic with his presentation in the Luton  Shopping Mall. His work focuses on the interaction of Augmented Reality (AR) and the viewer enabling audience participation.

Khatllen Andra Cazacu

Khatllen Andra Cazacu is a contemporary artist and designer with a BA in Graphic Design. She also has a background in fine arts that help her stay open to very creative approaches.

Cazacu’s practice is shaped around the deepest expression of our modern world in retro futuristic compositions. Her works mirror the dark side of our society expressed through elements from the past integrated in a future environment. Every work hides a deep message contemplating through the dynamic of the colours and shapes aspects of spirituality, human condition and different issues of our contemporary society.

Nicole Marina Cazacu

Nicole Marina Cazacu is a contemporary artist and designer. She holds a BA in Graphic Design and great knowledge in Fine Arts. She has a burning passion for everything artsy and anything vintage art. Therefore, she loves practicing with collages to make different stories to her newly created artworks.

Her practice is based on digital collages which recreates a whole new alternative dimension. Inspired by retro and cinematic aesthetics she imagines peculiar visual narratives with a modern twist. The artworks showcase scary characters and haunted places inspired by the darkest Romanian folk tales.

Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee, is a politically charged artist and creator of ‘Bunnyman’. He paints from his experience, and satirical world view onto canvas using a blend of acrylic paint and humour.

After graduating with a BA in Interior Architecture and MA Art and Design the passion for change fuels a greater desire for fine art. Inspiration from tragic truths leads his works but aims to show the funnier side. Lives by the motto 'If you don't laugh, you'll cry'.

Charlotte Maroudias

Charlotte Maroudias is an Activist Artist. She focuses mainly in Photography but also has skills in Design. She is a mother of two children and has accomplished a BA in Photographic Practices as a mature student.

Her work is always based around injustices in the world and she works very closely with people in order to visually tell stories in a very raw, powerful and dynamic form. She doesn’t shy away from the sensitive subjects. Charlotte is a social terrorist.

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