Award winning theatre company, New International Encounter (NIE), brings the premiere of Shakespeare In a Suitcase, Macbeth.

Three actor/musicians find inventive ways to tell this big & famous story in a funny & accessible way, unpacking the old tale with new meaning.

Comedy, tragedy, fast action & terrifying power.

Running time: 50 minutes, no interval

Luton Carnival

The 48th Luton International Carnival, hosted by the UK Centre for Carnival Arts

The Hat District - | 12pm - 6pm

Ten In The Bed

Is it a bed? Or a boat? Or a giant slice of toast

Hat Factory Arts Centre - | 11:30am and 2pm

Olaf Falafel’s Super Stupid Show (20% more Stupider)

Join comedian and children's author Olaf Falafel for an hour of kid's comedy

Hat Factory Arts Centre - | 11:30am and 2pm
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