Luton Life Drawing: October

All levels of ability welcome - from novice to pro.

The class is set up to be fairly loose / generic - so that people can work in whatever direction they choose - be it analytical - or something more expressive - with tutor Matt Burden (MA Visual Communication, Royal College of Art) on hand to offer advice and guidance to people that best suits where they're at, and what they're trying to achieve.

Life drawing - drawings made from the living naked human form - can be an important way for anyone with an artistic impulse to exercise and develop their skills – I've always likened it to the artistic equivalent of going to the gym. It's also really fun.

We'll start with some quicker poses to get everyone warmed up, before moving to some longer poses so you have some time to explore in more depth, with a break half way through to share and assess our efforts.

All you really need to get going is some paper and a pencil or two - it really can be as simple as that - and there's much to be said for the simplicity of that.

However, the world is your oyster - so you may want to consider charcoal, crayons, pastels - or something weird and wonderful if you're up for some experimentation - whatever takes your fancy. If you are thinking of getting really extravagant - ie something that might make a mess - please do remember to bring a dust sheet, as we need to take care of the studio.

You may also want something to lean on - boards are great - or easels if that's your thing - though a sturdy sketch book will do just fine in a pinch!

If you'd like any more info please email Matt at

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