The Apologists

Three stories. Three mistakes. Three apologies.

The Apologists is a one-woman show consisting of three monologues by three writers, which between them look at the art and expectations of a public apology – especially when coming from a high-profile woman.

  • A Secretary of State for Health and Social Care makes a racist comment to her attending doctor when her child is rushed into hospital.
  • A prominent travel writer is held responsible for a suicide after a scathing review.
  • An employee of an aid organisation demands the recompense she truly needs from the CEO after a disingenuous public apology.
  • The piece explores the meaning of the act of apology, the complex power play at work between the giver and the receiver of an apology, and whether we are responsible for the context of our actions.

Written by Lucinda Burnett (Correspondence), Cordelia O’Neill (No Place for a Woman) and Iskandar Sharazuddin (The Lift of Cardboard) and performed by acclaimed Australian actor Gabrielle Scawthorn (The Doctor Blake Mysteries, The Killing Fields, Village Bike).

Running Time: 70 minutes (no interval)

Video Trailer credit: Tate Creations

Gabrielle Scawthorn is Magnificent

Lyn Gardner Stagedoor

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