Hat Factory Café

Over the next couple of months The Hat Factory Café and bar will only be open when there is a performance on at the Hat Factory . The bar will only be open to those attending a performance. We will be serving bottled drinks only and no food at this time.

We would like to inform our customers that, as part of the control measures relating to the Covid-19 epidemic, we have now made all our venues cashless as the World Health Organisation has confirmed that bacteria can live and be spread on notes. We will only be accepting card payments.



The Hat Factory Cafe offers a wide selection of drinks, snacks and meals. 

From our Yellow Bourbon coffee (exclusive to us here in Luton) to sourdough pizzas - it's the ideal place the catch up with friends or just take 5 mins to yourself... 

Oh and did we mention the waffles?!

We are open whenever the Hat Factory Arts Centre is open so why not catch a bite to eat before a show or a beer after work?

You can grab a drink in the cafe between 11am and 6pm Monday til Saturday. And if you are peckish we serve a full menu between 11am and 4pm from Monday right through to Saturday. We are closed on Sunday. 

We do have Halal options available – however we are not a Halal venue. Please speak to a member of our café staff for more details.

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