Wonder Gigs

Our Wonder Gigs offer an uplifting and relaxing hour with a live musician playing beautiful acoustic versions of well-known folk, jazz and pop songs.

Songs are accessible and enjoyable for both big and small ears alike, alongside beautiful atmospheric sensory visuals from Filskit Theatre.

No pressure and no judgement; just gentle, interactive time for you and your little one and some great tunes.

Immerse your little ones in the enchanting world of quality music performed by professional musicians. Our acoustic covers of popular songs, tailored for tiny ears, bring joy to both children and parents alike. Explore themed sensory items that add an extra layer of engagement to the experience. With a dedicated facilitator on hand to encourage interaction and play, our sessions create a relaxed atmosphere where kids can freely express themselves and discover the magic of music.


Running Time: 1 Hour

Luton Carnival

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