UTTER! Lutonia

An eclectic and ever-changing line-up of Spoken Word (and sometimes musical) talent from Luton, London and further afield.

Your Acts to kick off 2023's year of marvels:

  • The Yes Mess
    The Yes Mess are Laura and Dan and some instruments and marvellous...
  • Paul Bearman
    Performing as Paul Bearman for the first time, but as marvellous as he has always been...
  • Ozzlebox
    Beat-boxing, crowd-rousing marvellousness in human form...
  • River Wild
    Wood, strings, voice and words fuse perfectly to create songs of wonder and marvellousness...
  • Danni Antagonist
    Have you ever wondered where the marvellousness of Milton Keynes concentrates and overflows into poetry and gorgeous fury? Wonder no more ...
  • Tim Jarvis
    Stories spun from fibres of pure suspense stretched on a loom of marvels...

So, come and see and hear and marvel... and be safe and happy and soothed and excited simultaneously, for a few hours at least...

Plus the usually marvellous DJ S.Whiting, the Clod Magazine Pop-Up Bookstall and Lee Nelson hosting things...

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