An Evening of mesmerising dance intertwined with poetry and live music exploring the shades of love, delighting the senses and filling the heart.

Kadam Dance presents Preyasi ('Beloved'). Preyasi explores Krishna and Radha’s love, estrangement and reunion, with three characters, the couple and a friend simply called sakhi ('companion'). It is based on the Gita Govinda, a twelfth-century poem by Odia poet Jayadeva. The Gita Govinda became the fountainhead for the bhakti movement in which love is the defining emotion through which we understand the world.

Performances by Divya Ravi, a Bharatanatyam dancer of international repute, alongside vocalist Sharan Subramanian, supported by Odissi dancer Katie Ryan presenting Sakhi. The scene is set by young dancers of Ananda Ensemble and Satyam Dance.

Tape That

Acrobatics, juggling, physical theatre and suitcase full of duct tape. Tape…

Stockwood Discovery Centre - | 11:30am and 2pm
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