Feb Fest: Hotline

NGYT's Meraki Dance Company present - Hotline 

Call in at your peril, listen in, but try not to laugh and prepare to sit uncomfortably as our young dancers tackle the very things that the small minded often ridicule and shame. 

Meraki are ready to stand up and move the world in an attempt to create spaces where we can all be ourselves, celebrated for our shape and soul. Come, be part of the movement, let's hang up this call together and move as one.

Running time: 35-40 minutes

This event is a part of Feb Fest 2022. Click here for the full programme.

Please note that anyone over the age of 11 (unless exempt) will be required to wear a face covering and visitor numbers will be monitored and may be limited.  Entry requirements and capacity may change in response to government guidance and restrictions.

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