Basement Live: February

Join us for live music gigs in the Hat Factory on the last Saturday of the month, presented by Luton Live/s.

Luton Lives kick of their 2024 season at  The Hat Factory with an eclectic mix of local, and almost local, talent.

Running time: 3 hours. Bar opens at 7pm, doors to the auditorium opens at 7.30pm.

Line Up

Eyes of Albion

Local band ' Eyes Of Albion ' are for the from the Dunstable and Hitchin area.

We've been wanting to book these guys for quite a while but their busy schedule of gigs and festivals all over the country means that this is the first chance we've we grabbed it. They play top quality original Hard/Classic Rock.

Ghost Moves

Local band Ghost Moves are new, but with members from bands such as Penny Racer's Last Journey, Jackal’s Backbone and One Toy Soldier they've been a part of the scene for years. Theyve just released their debut album, Echo Moment, and reviewers have described it as a mixture of nostalgic Beatles-esque rock and ‘70s punk paired with ‘90s indie rock.

The Dodo Appreciation Society

The Dodo Appreciation Society are from Northampton but have been gigging wherever their cars can take them for over a year now.  We heard them and decided that their cars should bring to them to Luton.

They love to entertain and baffle audiences with their eclectic absurdism and authentic style of performance art however they are highly ambitious about what they do and care very much about putting on a memorable show.

Latest release:






Daniel Maguire

Daniel Maguire is an independent singer songwriter. He is a self taught guitarist who has delved into the world of song writing. He recently released his second single.



A Kick Up The Eighties

DJ Russ (Thursday Fury/The Coven/Dark Night In Luton & The Friday…

Hat Factory Arts Centre | 8pm - 1am

Jazz Orient with Baluji Shrivastav OBE

Jazz Orient are Baluji Shrivastav OBE (sitar, dilruba, gopi), Linda Shanovitch …

Hat Factory Arts Centre | 8pm

Basement Live/s

Join us for live music gigs in the Hat Factory on the last

Hat Factory Arts Centre | 7:45pm
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