The Impact of Covid-19

A response to reports in Luton Today, 12th November 2020
News 13 Nov 2020, 9:30am

For many organisations, and particularly the arts and culture sector, Covid-19 is having a devastating effect on our finances and operation. The Trust, like many, do have cashflow challenges, but we would like to state that we are not in arrears with our payments to Bedfordshire Pensions. We did have an agreed payment plan with them to address some delayed payments, but this is now complete.  We are therefore surprised and disappointed that the issue was raised at a public meeting when we believe we had managed to address the situation with the support of Bedfordshire Pensions staff.

As a Trust we are doing everything in our power to ensure that we get through Covid-19 and continue to grow in 2021. It’s difficult and we still have financial challenges to overcome but the resilience of our incredible team, the understanding from our supportive funders and the loyalty of our customers gives us enormous strength and encouragement to get through these difficulties.

We thank them all and we look forward to reopening soon.

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