Spring Museum Makers for Schools Design Challenge

Design a Car for the Future
News 30 Jan 2020, 10:42am

Can you channel Luton's innovative and industrious heritage to design your very own car for the future? If the answer's yes then you could win our competition and become part of the Vauxhall - Made in Luton exhibition launching in April 2020 at Stockwood Discovery Centre.

Made in Luton: Vauxhall Motors is an exhibition showcase of a superb selection of cars from the Vauxhall Heritage Centre. In the lead up to this exhibition we are inviting schools to take part in our Vauxhall exhibition competition. Join us on a journey through Vauxhall’s fascinating history and celebrate the innovative spirit that drove Luton to become a town renowned for its industry. Can you channel Luton’s innovative and industrious heritage by designing your very own car for the future?


This competition is open to any local primary school that has signed up as a Museum Maker School.

Children from participating schools need to fit into one of our three categories:
1. Early Years (Foundation and nursery class)
2. Key Stage 1 (Yr1 & 2)
3. Key Stage 2 (Yr3-6)


We are asking local primary school children to design their idea of the best car for the future! We want to see an inventive variety of different forms of transport that will allow people from the future to travel easily, safely and comfortably (this could be by land, sea or air). But one of the key elements we’d love to see in these designs is a consideration for the impact these vehicles will have on the future world’s environment or society.


There will be one overall winner of the competition and then 3 runners up, 1 from each age category. All finalists (along with parents, guardians and representative teachers) will be invited to a special prize-giving ceremony at the opening of the exhibition in April, where their artworks will be revealed as part of the exhibition. The top prize will include a free school workshop at the museum for their class and a special Vauxhall and Culture Trust goody bag.


Step 1: Sign into your Museum Makers account or join here
Step 2: Accept this challenge
Step 3: Await a response from the team who will be in touch with further information

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