Underwater Sensory Workshops

A sensory creative movement workshop for parents and children under 2 years.

Immerse yourself in the deep ocean and take part in an active workshop surrounded by sound, textiles and movement inspired by the world of Underwater. 

Running time: 30 minutes

Pre-walkers: 10am
Walkers: 11:15am

Please note: This event allows a maximum of two children per adult. To book for an additional child, please call box office on 01582 878100.

Luton Carnival

The 48th Luton International Carnival, hosted by the UK Centre for Carnival Arts

The Hat District - | 12pm - 6pm

Ten In The Bed

Is it a bed? Or a boat? Or a giant slice of toast

Hat Factory Arts Centre - | 11:30am and 2pm

Olaf Falafel’s Super Stupid Show (20% more Stupider)

Join comedian and children's author Olaf Falafel for an hour of kid's comedy

Hat Factory Arts Centre - | 11:30am and 2pm
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