A Carnival Masterclass With Melissa Simon-Hartman

To mark International Women’s History Month we are celebrating the creative legacy of women.  

Join the internationally acclaimed costume and fashion designer, Melissa Simon-Hartman, for a masterclass in sustainable costume creation. 

Melissa’s esteemed costume work spans carnival, fashion, theatre and the music industry, creating costumes for Notting Hill, Beyonce, Doja Cat and the Royal Shakespeare Company among many others. 

This one-day masterclass will explore the importance of sustainability in costume design and its positive impact on the environment.  

You will,  

  • Learn to identify suitable recycled materials for costume creation, considering factors such as texture, durability, and aesthetic appeal.  
  • Develop the skills to repurpose and transform recycled materials into unique and innovative costume pieces.  
  • Explore various techniques for integrating recycled materials seamlessly into costume designs while maintaining comfort and functionality.  
  • Enhance creativity by brainstorming and sketching sustainable costume concepts that align with specific themes or characters.  
  • Acquire practical insights into sourcing and procuring recycled materials, including tips for building relationships with local suppliers.  
  • Understand the lifecycle of sustainable costumes, from creation to disposal, and how to educate clients or production teams about their value.  

Running Time: 7 hours including break, suitable for ages 16+

This is a UK Centre for Carnival Arts and Culture Trust Luton partnership project, funded by Arts Council England and the London Luton Airport Greener Future Fund. 

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