Who's Who

We are one committed and customer friendly team made up of trustees, staff and volunteers, all working together to bring you the best in arts and cultural experiences.

Our Leadership Team

Chief Executive

Marie Kirbyshaw

Director of Finance and Resources

Vanessa Penzo

Director of Business & Performance

Guy Smith

Creative Director

Our Trustees

What they do

The board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the Trust operates in accordance with company and charity law and is prudently financially managed.  As volunteers, Trustees contribute their experience and expertise to the Board’s role of determining the strategic direction, policies and planning of the Trust.  The board meet quarterly to review charity business and ensure the board fulfils its duties and responsibilities. Trustees also contribute to sub-committees which include Finance, HR and Major Projects.

Under the leadership of the Chair, and delegations to the Chief Executive, the Board;

  • Develops the Trust’s long-term strategic direction and ensures that the organisation keeps to its objectives;
  • Sets policy, defines high-level goals, manages risk and evaluates performance against agreed targets;
  • Applies due diligence to all Board decisions in relation to investments and long-term financial planning;
  • Ensures the organisation functions and complies within the legal, charitable and financial requirements of a charitable company limited by guarantee with a trading company;
  • Is professional, decisive and collective in its approach to governance by discussing, understanding and agreeing strategic matters;
  • Ensures the financial stability of the organisation and proper investment of funds to protect the future of the trust;
  • Promotes the Culture Trust’s purpose and advocates for its success and long-term sustainability.

Who they are

  • Chair: Nick Gibson
  • Geoff Mulgan
  • Clive Borthwick
  • David Goodridge
  • Andy Strange
  • Mohan Ahad
  • Robert Smalley
  • Sufian Sadiq
  • Yasmin Khan
  • Carlota Larrea

Arts & Heritage

We are an arts and cultural charity for the people of Luton and beyond.


We are dedicated to giving everyone the chance to take part in learning,

Take Part

Working with our local communities is a major part of what we do.

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