Peccadillo Pictures: Creating an authentic brand

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this talk has been postponed indefinately.

What makes an exemplary brand? What does your brand say about you, your business or your services? Does your brand match how others perceive it?

Launched in 2000, Peccadillo Pictures is now one of the UK's most recognised distributors of LGBT & World Cinema titles. They are an award-winning UK film distributor of Art House, LGBTQ+ and International Cinema from with an impressive collection of films from across the world. Peccadillo nurtures new and upcoming talent alongside established directors. In addition, Peccadillo Pictures also distributes short films and re-releases of classic titles.

Join Tom Abel, Chairman for Peccadillo Pictures in a discussion around brand authenticity, it's importance and how they developed Peccadillo into the successful brand it is today.

Winner: Screen Marketing & Distribution Awards, 2012
Winner: Screen Marketing & Distribution Awards, 2017

Running Time: 60 minutes

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