What we were up to in April

News 1 Jun 2020, 11:26am

Gosh, well.. That's April almost gone! Firstly a hello from us and a heartfelt ‘We miss you!’ We hope you and yours are keeping safe and well. As we head into week 4 of lockdown, we thought we would update you on what we have been up to behind the scenes...

Thank you from Box Office to all our customers and their patience in this very busy time. 

We are working our way through all our affected shows and contacting everyone via email with information regarding each one - if you have any questions please email boxoffice@culturetrust.com

Our friends over in the learning team are hosting a weekly  #CultureTrustCreativeChallenge on their Twitter page (@Culture4Schools) Challenges so far include ‘Build Your Own Bonnet’ and ‘Design Your Own Museum’. There is also a chance to earn your Arts Award - Click here to find out more

Revoluton Arts
These folks are a people-powered project on a mission to cultivate grassroots creativity in Luton. Now that you can’t go to them… They are coming to you! They are hosting live and interactive online creative events by and for Lutonians!

Every Thursday and Friday available live online. Click here for the full line up

Partners NGYT showing the online world how art can be used to help connect people and communities. If you are on Instagram or Twitter take a look at the #myneighboursanartist challenge.

They say.. ‘Sing it, say it, dance it, play it, exhibit it and share your art. Film it, share it, include the #myneighboursanartist and nominate 5 more people to keep art alive for the offline world too.’

What are the Wardown mice up to?
While the curators are away ...the mice will play! If you’re a fan of our Mouse Trail then you will be familiar with our woolen Wardown friends. 
Catch them (by the tail) on our Facebook page

Stockwood Chickens
Stockwood regulars will be missing our clucky crew, so we thought you might appreciate a little update!

The old gals - Twinkle, Myrtle and ...Brezhnev are currently having a cheeky chicken holiday with one of our members of staff, Myrtle is enjoying the trip so much she has started laying eggs again!

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