Pecho Mama brought their 5 star show, Medea Electronica to Luton last year, and now return with a new powerhouse gig-theatre production.

Childhood sweethearts, Jocasta and Laius are in their 40’s. After 10 years of unsuccessful IVF, Laius seeks out the lost child of their teenage pregnancy in a noisy London nightclub. Oedipus, having grown up in institutions, is tormented and addicted to drugs. Paranoid, he runs from this unknown man as Jocasta rushes in to find her husband. Alone and frightened, Oedipus and Jocasta unwittingly find salvation in each other’s arms, not knowing that the electric chemistry of their relationship is borne of a maternal bond.

This show will be a preview of Pecho Mama’s new show Oedipus before they take the show to the Edinburgh Festival.

Running Time: 75 mins, no interval.

Please note: This performance contains themes of infertility, adoption, identity, social care, drug abuse & mental health.

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Luton Library Theatre 04 - 05 Mar 2020 | 7.30pm
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