The Mother Monologues: Resisting Austerity

For one mother, there's nothing that coffee can't cure. From heartache to headaches, it's the one thing she knows she can rely on - and she's not alone.

Fellow mothers share her need for ‘time out’ and together they form an alliance of support any woman would recognise. Whenever life is overwhelming or they just need conversation not involving nappies or blended up food, they meet in their sanctuary, the coffee shop. With every mother having a different story to tell there's always someone to listen and plenty to discuss . . .

Using the true narrative of women from Luton, The Mother Monologues tells the untold stories from a community of strong, resourceful, ambitious women who are 'getting by', often with humour, and despite facing brutal austerity. 

The Mother Monologues has been developed by mothers and carers in the Luton area around themes of austerity, sisterhood, and survival with the support of Tamasha Theatre Company and Shemiza Rashid.

Performed in celebration of International Women’s Day

Running Time: 90 minutes, including a 20 minute interval

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