Meet the Artist: Emma Gill

As part of our Creative Ecosystem, The Culture Trust Luton invites artists engaged in the development and creation of the Hat District project to talk about their work, their practice and  the work they have created to inspire the people and young creative talent of Luton.

In our second round of talks, we are inviting local creative leaders to talk about their practice nationally in the arts and dance, and how that has lead to their careers in the town. All of the artists have come from different backgrounds and have taken different routes through the arts, and have a wealth to share in building your career, taking risks, and making partnerships.

More about Emma:
Emma-Rose Gill (nee Payne) is an experienced Arts and Culture Manager and internationally renowned Applied Theatre specialist. Joining the University of Bedfordshire in 2017, Emma leads the Arts and Culture team, which aims to widen participation in the arts and enable artists in local communities to thrive. As an artist, Emma has national and international experience in delivering socially-engaged creative/theatre projects in partnership with educational institutions, prison and rehabilitation settings, healthcare environments and social prescription ventures, civic and government bodies, and the creative sector. It will be this area of work that Emma will be sharing thought-pieces on as part of the “Meet the Artist” programme. Emma is a proud owner of the three D’s: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia and, despite the challenges these disabilities bring,  she finds ways for these conditions to positively impact and inform how she approaches her artistic practice and role as a manager.


Running time: 90 minutes

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