The Hum in My Heart

Four different stories in Four different places, each developed from the ‘local’ story and told through Kathak and physical theatre to create a compelling exploration of mental health.

A new work by the critically acclaimed Kathak choreographer Amina Khayyam, The Hum in My Heart is a unique regional project giving voice to issues of mental health in communities when there is no word to describe it, where shame and social stigma follow it, where no one is willing to acknowledge it.

Developed in marginalised and disenfranchised communities across Woking, Birmingham, Luton and Tower Hamlets and working with women who are beginning to confront the social stigma of mental health, the evening’s performances incorporate real life experiences in a collection of photography, spoken word, dance, poetry and dance experiences taking over the various spaces at the Hat Factory to tell a story unique to Luton.

Arrive at 5.30pm on Thurs 13th February to experience a series of stories, monologues, performances and installations ahead of Amina Khayyam’s riveting piece at 7.45pm.

Can’t make the Thursday evening? Join us from 11am on Wednesday 12th February for a snapshot of selected performances for only £2. Click here for more information.

Please note that performances will explore themes that may be distressing around mental health and wellbeing.

Running Time: 270 minutes

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