Basement Live (August 2021)

Join us for music gigs in the Hat Factory on the last Saturday of the month, presented by Luton Live/s.

Line Up!

The Barrys
The biog says "The Barrys (Bedford based Drunk Folk/ Acoustic Punk Band)" We can't say it any better than that. Tonight's gig is, as much as anything, about a freedom of spirit and an attitude that's as much Punk as it is Rock n Roll and Folk. It's going to be a lively one.

The Luton trio CerberStacks, all grew up in the 1970s, listening to and playing various strands of rock’n'roll, hacking round on knackered two-strokes and carrying out senseless acts of petty hooliganism (or at least looking like they did!). “Don’t worry, it’s just a phase, (s)he’ll grow out of it!” So said the parents. Well they were wrong... this lot have never stopped and are still at it! All three have extensive musical form in their own fields and have played numerous festivals, gigs and rallies worldwide. (That said, the Luton gigs are always their favourites!). Rebellious and merciless, they hit below the belt with a no-nonsense assault of rock’n’roll, rock, blues, glam, rockabilly, punk. Come and join the party, whoever you are.

Tom Delaware is a local Country Music singer who as well as performing locally has performed in Nashville and has previously been nominated as Singer of the Year in the UK Country Music Awards.

Running time: 120 minutes, with 3 x 15 minute intervals.

Doors to auditorium open at 7pm, with bar opening at 6pm.

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