Basement Live (April 2020)


Basement Live is a free local band night taking place in the Basement Bar of the Hat factory on the last Saturday of the month featuring local artists and bands from Luton, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

Luton's own electro-indie rockers will be twanging up the tunes. Bowfinger add a touch of punk with plenty of effects and poppy riffs, to create some nice harmonies and energetic melodies. And the band have honed their live act so that the perfect sound is accompanied by a rocking, lively stage show, full of rock postures. With a shamelessly funky pop presence, and a large amount of energy, the audience will be treated to a highly toe-tappingly evening of entertainment.

Credit: Bedford Today / Luton Lives Facebook Page

Doors will open at 8pm, with a DJ set playing before the band.

End time: 11pm.

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