Utter! Lutonia

Eclectic and ever-changing line-up of Spoken Word (and sometimes musical) talent from Luton, London and further afield.

Line Up

Tim Wells is made of reggae, lager top, pie and mash, and Leyton Orient FC.

Aimi Rix is an artist, photographer and poet. Aimi says “Sometimes I have a lot to say so I write, sometimes words can’t express what’s in my mind and so I paint and when I can’t find anything to talk about or any inspiration to create I take photos of people and places that inspire me.”

Trailer Crash started out as a musical challenge - to see how much noise 2 musicians, JJ Crash and Martin Langshaw, performing live could make from 2 instruments. Jimmy Chase now adds banjo, fiddle, mandolin and a country Americana flavour to their sound and the 3-piece have just finished recording an album which they hope to release in 2021. They love hedgehogs.

Oliver Dixon's poetry tilts an illuminating lens on the optical delusions of our post-everything reality, ransacking the dictionary for a playful, pared-back language of renewal. His day-job as a teacher of students with complex needs gives him an insight into strange vocalisations and atypical behaviour that actively feeds into his writing. His imagery is precise and memorable, his voice elegant, his political edge sharp-witted and keen.

Colleen Considine is a Fashion Journalism graduate from the University for the Creative Arts and she is the founder and editor of Grafter magazine. Colleen says “In 2020 I created Grafter, a one-woman band covering life outside London in places such as Luton, discovering people and stories from all sides of the political spectrum to give an authentic insight into Britain today.

Running Time: 150 minutes
Bar opens at 6pm and doors open at 7pm

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